The company’s activity is focused on the quality of its products, which are born through a deep connection with the centuries-old tradition of processing the vineyards owned by the members, the passion for their work and the love for their land. A happy marriage between ancient and modern, which is realized in the extraordinary setting of the Langhe.

The wine is made in the vineyard recites an ancient saying in use among the farmers, and this Ernesto has learned it from his father who has looked after his vineyards since the first decades of the last century. He knew how to work the land, he knew the influence of weather conditions on the quality of the crop and the importance of exposure to the sun.

Hence the desire to undertake the wine route, with the production and processing of the grapes of its members. After the renovation of the family house, the first wine-making took place in the mid-90s, the result not only of careful processing but also of cultivation based on the skill and ability acquired over the years.

In these years, intense and exciting, the winery grows and continues to evolve, with professionalism and tenacity, with passion and enthusiasm, in search of new techniques, without ever losing sight of tradition, respect and gratitude for this land so generous.

Our wines come from vineyards owned by members to guarantee authenticity and quality. With a fruity scent and a persistent taste, they are the expression of the territory, born of fatigue and love for the land of those who produce them. The CASTIÔN brand is synonymous with quality and passion and offers several wines that can boast the prestigious Denomination of Origin Controlled and Guaranteed DOCG.

The winery collaborates with the farmhouse, which offers refreshment and overnight accommodation. The farm also offers the possibility to organize events, lunches and dinners both company and private. The company is open to pre-booking visits, with the possibility of tasting its wines and typical products.